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About Trish

Trish is a tech media person who has been part of that scene since the mid 90’s when the renegade agency she worked with, Redgate Communications, was bought by AOL. Since then she has continued to be involved in projects related to the intersection of technology, media, and business. Trish is an entrepreneur, marketing maven, content creator, author and speaker. Her book Why Women Pivot comes releases early 2024. 

As the founder and CEO of 3WaysDigital, Trish provides transitional marketing advisory services for companies needing to reboot marketing operations due to a growth transition. Examples of transitions 3WD has led companies through include winning large government contracts, becoming grant recipients, taking on new VC funding, going through a spin-off, merger, acquisition or new product launch. Trish’s role as fractional CMO starts with an agreed upon marketing strategy and plan. 3WD then assembles an interim team until the final client team has been trained to take over marketing operations.

As a woman in the tech space, Trish’s interest in supporting other women in tech and girls in STEAM has manifested in a few ways. She is a former board member and president of Women in Technology which creates professional development programs supporting women and girls. Trish works as a mentor with Virginia SBDC’s Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program (ICAP) to strengthen and support the local entrepreneur pipeline. She is also on the board of NoVA Labs making innovation, tools and programs accessible to the local community of students, individual creators, entrepreneurs and businesses.

After years of attending Japanese cultural events through her kid’s participation in Fairfax County Public School’s Japanese Immersion Program, Trish took up taiko drumming. This hobby allowed her to indulge a long repressed interest in music and rhythm and fed her creatively. She earned a position with Miyako Taiko and performed at community events around DC, Maryland and Virginia. Although she is no longer performing with Miyako, she has a continued interest in Japanese music, culture, food and cities.

Trish is the mom of three grown children. She and her husband of over thirty years are almost empty-nesters with their youngest child finishing up her undergrad experience. She lives outside of Washington DC.

Performing with Miyako Taiko at University of Maryland Clarice Performing Arts Center