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The Logo has Been Chosen!

Taaaadaaaa! Check out the logo for 3 Ways Digital.

This process has been exciting and difficult. Choosing a company name was the hardest for me because despite creativity, you are limited to available domains.  There were lots of people shooting me ideas which inspired 3 Ways Digital: Community, Content and Monetization strategies for businesses learning to rely on the Web to grow.

Thanks to everyone for all your patience because I was obsessed with this process for a solid four to six weeks! 

I wanted to give a shout out to 99 Designs and their great online process for helping people through a design project.    Their online marketplace is so well executed.  The process is a bit like an online auction.  You provide a creative brief that entices designers to want to work on your project.  Then a seven-day “contest” is held where designers can submit work while you provide feedback and direction along the way.  At the end of the seven days, you choose a “winner” and the winning designer gets paid. 

I found that you get out what you put into the contest.  Inviting designers to participate, thanking them for their work, encouraging them and giving specific feedback is really critical.  It’s really about managing your designer community.  All the communication between the designer and the “contest holder” are enabled through the 99 Designs tool set.  The crowd sourcing capabilities are really well done too.  I ended up getting over 100 different logo treatments so polling was a must to help me make decisions. 

It helps to have some familiarity with the creative process and working with designers when doing a 99 Designs project.  Garbage in, garbage out.  But for the fearless and savvy, I highly recommend them!

Thanks to everyone!

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